01 noviembre, 2009

Give your old shoes!

In cooperation with the Federation Humana and the soccer player, Samuel Eto'o, Kiwi, the australian shoes care company, has relaunched the campaign "Shoe aid for Africa". In 2006,with this initiative, Kiwi got 100.000 pairs of shoes to distribute among the most needy children from Africa. In order to achieve that number of collected shoes or even to incriese it, boxes will be located in Hipercor and El Corte Inglés (spanish supermarkets) during the month of november to collect the donated shoes of people. Just be careful! The shoes must have shoelaces and must be clean. From december to april 2010 all the shoes will be distributed in rural african areas such as: ameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

04 octubre, 2009

Your umbrella is old-fashioned

Good for environment! a Spanish Ecodesign platform, has reinvented the world of raincoasts. They have created a raincoat made in Spain with German bioplastic and French potatoes which means that is a 100% biodegradable and compostable product. But this is not allo, the raincoat has a small clay ball with seeds integrated into it, so if you plan it in the ground, it not only turn entirely to the natural cycle, it also helps the seed inside grow into plants. The plastform has gone to the China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair to promote the prouduct in Shaghai and Japan due to their ecological awareness.
Don't wait any longer, visit www.goodfore.com and get one!! But don't eat it!

29 septiembre, 2009

The sustainable face of the Cibeles Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, little by little is becoming more sustainable. Despite of the fact that in Spain the number of specific ecodesigners is not very high, there are some designers that have started to introduce organic materials in their collections. This is the case of Carmen March (photo at the top), who bets on a woman who combine masculine shirts, made of 100%cotton, with accessories fabricated with natural materials.
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, encourage the women to recicle their own wardrobes.

Josep Abril, has used the malachite color, the stone of the balance according to the arabic tradition, in his masculine colletion. The materials that he has used most have been: cotton, linen and bamboo.
The last example is José Miró, who suggest organic materials for the urbanwoman: linen, regerated cotton, raffia, etc.

24 septiembre, 2009

Venetian blinds turned into bags!

Venetian Bags by Camina Campus is a limited edition of clutch bags, created from recycled materials: strips of aluminum from Venetian blinds. . The line, conceived by the designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi, is composed by seven brilliant shades and the interiors are all personalized with vintage fabrics.

The clutch bags have been designed starting with thin strips of aluminum - once used to make Venetian blinds . Each bag manages to tell a different, unique story.

“Basically, we need to take a step back and change our way of thinking. Compulsive shopping makes no sense. It’s better to give ourselves time to gather detailed information about every object or clothing item we buy, learn about how it was made and by whom. A label like we now find on food would be a good start. And we need to go back and find our respect for things, avoiding waste.” Asserts Illaria Venturini.

If you can buy this beautiful clutch bags, go to www.yoox.com

17 septiembre, 2009

It's time for a more sustainable fashion!

The pantone most ecofriendly has become one of the most favourite colors of designers for the next autumn/winter collection. Will designers want to demonstrate with this initiative their interest and commitment to the environment? What we can confirm is that there are some fashion brands that are particularly committed and have already started to use recycled material in their production processes. This is the case of the Italian Giorgio Armani and the English company H&M. Giorgio Armani, has demonstrated this eco tendence with the launch of a new pair of jeans made with organic cotton. On the other hand, H&M, go even further. They have created a new product line made with organic wool and recycled polyester. Ann-Sofie Johansson, designer manager of H&M, assert that they are very proud of being able of answering the consumer requests about sustainable fashion. So, if you are a H&M follower and besides eco-friendly, you just have to look for the products with a special label, which especify that they are produced with organic materials. All of this with no more aditional cost!!This is really a green love!!

13 septiembre, 2009

New master degree in Fashion and Environment

Fashion companies, especially those of the luxury industry, will have to include social and environmental aspects in their strategies if they want to succeed. This is one of the main conclusions of the report The Deeper Luxury, published by WWF-UK in november 2007.
Aware of this need, The London College of Fashion, has opened a new center for the development of sustainable fashion offering, among others, an master degree in Fashion and Environment.
If you are worried about this topics and you have the opportunity and, over all, the money to study there visit: www.fashion.arts.ac.uk/ and get informed.